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Finally! We have a new vegan restaurant here in Pasadena. Green Earth Vegan Cuisine opened a few days ago, so we headed over to Old Town Pasadena to try them out. I was a little worried that it would be a repeat of the other veggie Asian restaurants around (not that they are bad, just getting a little tired of the same old thing), but I was pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere at Green Earth was really inviting and the staff was very friendly. It’s in the perfect location if you want to go spend the day in Pasadena shopping at Alternative Outfitters and Old Town Pasadena or seeing a movie at the new Gold Class Cinema. There is a parking garage right across the street and you get 90 minutes parking for free.

Anyway, back to the food. It was all really fresh and colorful and you can get anything from Asian, Indian, Italian, or Mexican. They even have a variety of burgers and sandwiches too!  We decided we would stick with Asian during this visit and try something else next time.

We started with the Summer Rolls. They were fresh and yummy. The perfect combo of veggies and protein (vegan ham and tofu) and the peanut sauce was just right. Nice and thick, not runny.

Then we had the Tom Yom Soup. It was delicious and had just the right amount of spicy kick. However, if you like it really spicy, then you may want to ask them to increase the heat or get some chili sauce on the side, but I loved it. We ordered a small which is the perfect size for two, but they also offer it in a larger bowl.

Next was the Avocado Salad. We were surprised to find that it was a nice blend of cucumber chunks, avocado chunks, a little red onion and BBQ “chicken” chunks. The “chicken” almost tasted like Gardein, but I don’t think that is what it was. It was really good though and the combination of flavors, textures, and the dressing was perfect; all really fresh too.

Our main dish was the Three Flavors and this was by far the prettiest dish. It had a really nice variety of veggies (pumpkin, eggplant, tofu, onions, sweet basil, bell peppers, and mushrooms) and the colors were really pretty. The sauce was to die for too and it all went together really well. This was probably one of their healthier dishes and it also comes with brown rice.

We were lucky that a couple of friends stopped in (who already had dinner, but had to come check out our new Pasadena Vegan Restaurant) and they decided to try out the Quesadilla. The Quesadilla was filled with peppers and eggplant. It may have even had some onion in there and they use Daiya Cheddar. It wasn’t huge, but perfect to start with and it comes with guacamole and pico de gallo on the side. It was good, but not as interesting to me as the other dishes we had; still great if you are craving a little quesadilla though.

We all really enjoyed the food and are looking forward to going back again and again. I love that they are in such a busy spot. Hopefully, Green Earth will get a lot of walk in traffic and show all the non-veggies how good vegan food really is.


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Vegan Eggplant Parmesan With Sundried Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper Pasta

I love that you can now get Daiya vegan cheese in block form from Whole Foods.  This past weekend I made vegan eggplant parmesan and happened to have about half a block of Daiya left over.  I’ve been dying to make some dairy free mozzerella sticks ever since Daiya came out.  Here’s what I did:

First you want to cut the cheese into long skinny pieces.  Grab 3 bowls and fill the first with flour and cornstarch.  I never measure so I can’t say how much of each but definitely more flour, probably a ratio of 2:1.  The 2nd bowl fill with egg replacer.  You want enough to fully submerge each stick but don’t be wasteful.  You can always add more.  The last bowl is for breadcrumbs.  Some come already seasoned but feel free to add garlic & onion powder as well as salt and pepper.  Now dip each cheese stick into each bowl starting with the flour & cornstarch mixture, then the egg replacer and last the breadcrumbs.  I redipped each stick to ensure they were fully covered.  If I wasn’t feeling lazy I probably would have dipped a 3rd time to have a nice thick batter and would recommend this, however dipping twice will work fine.  I did this next to the sink with the water running and washed off my fingers after I dipped each stick.  This is a messy process and you will end up with crazy lumpy breadcrumb hands if you don’t wash them.  Makes it a bit difficult to continue the dipping.  Once all your sticks have been coated it’s time to fry.  I used avocado oil but you can use olive oil or whatever else you have on hand.  Fill a frying pan or deep fryer with enough oil so the sticks will be fully submerged.  I turned up my burner to high and heated the oil for about 10 minutes before frying.  Place all the mozzarella sticks in the oil until browned which should only take 1 to 2 minutes. (Don’t be stupid and use your hands… the oil is hot so use tongs!!)  I made two batches of these and for the 2nd batch I didn’t heat the oil enough.  It took probably 3-4 minutes to brown these which over heated the Daiya and made them leak a bit.  You can see this in the picture below.  It won’t happen as long as your oil is hot enough but no big deal if it does.  It didn’t effect the taste and didn’t make a mess.  Serve these amazingly delicious mozzarella sticks with your favorite dipping sauce and enjoy!

Vegan Mozzarella Sticks

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I am a huge fan of Purgatory Pizza’s vegan pizza.  If you haven’t see the blog on that check it out here.   I found out they now have vegan sandwiches as well.  I was thrilled and so I stopped by to try them and, just my luck, they were out of bread!  I ended up getting delicious pizza instead.  The guy working told me that they would have bread by the next day.  I didn’t get a chance to go back right away but 2 days later I tried again and they were STILL out of bread.  It’s not difficult to run to the store and get bread so this was a little ridiculous but I wasn’t giving up on eventually getting to try these elusive sandwiches.  Last night I called before I made the drive over to Purgatory and they actually had bread this time!  I ordered both the vegan grilled cheese, made with cheddar Daiya and tomato, and the vegan pesto chicken sandwich with Gardein chicken, spinach, tomato, mozzarella Daiya cheese, pesto, basil and vegenaise.  They also were able to make the sausage sandwich vegan for me even though it is listed as not vegan on their menu.  They use field roast sausage, mozzarella Daiya cheese, marinara sauce, onions & peppers.

The vegan grilled cheese was  first and I was not impressed.  Two normal slices of bread with a dab of cheese and they forgot the tomato.  Tasted fine but for $4.50 not worth it.  This one gets a 2 out of 10.  Grilled cheese is something super easy to make at home so if you offer it in a restaurant it needs to be different.

Vegan Grilled Cheese

Where's my tomato?!?!

Next I tried the field roast sausage sandwich which was much larger on a toasted french roll.  It is supposed to come with onions & peppers but the cook must have been forgetful that day because there was none on my sandwich.  Luckily I hate onions so I didn’t mind but I would have enjoyed the peppers.  There was an ample amount of “sausage” and the marinara sauce was great.  A perfect amount of Daiya cheese as well.  It was definitely messy to eat and the picture doesn’t really do it justice but I would give it an 8 out of 10.  Totally worth the $5.50.

Field Roast Sausage Vegan Sandwich

I definitely saved the best for last… the Gardein chicken pesto sandwich was amazing!!  It had all the ingredients promised on the menu and was also on a large french roll so it was very filling.  It cost $6.50.  I would give it a 10 out of 10.  Good job Purgatory!

Vegan Pesto Chicken Sandwich

If you decide to try any of these vegan sandwiches CALL BEFORE YOU GO!  If you can’t call and they are out of bread (which I was told happens often) you can always grab a pizza.

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If you’re near downtown Los Angeles you should stop by Purgatory Pizza.  They offer rustic handmade pizzas with plenty of vegan toppings and Daiya cheese.  You can get the usual veggies including green peppers, garlic, tomato, onion, olives, mushrooms and more.  They also have basil, pineapple, artichokes and sundried tomato.  Add some delicious Gardein Chicken or Field Roast Italian Sausage to one of your pizzas or try the Sundried Tomato Loaf (which I LOVE).  They make their pesto without parmesean cheese so it’s vegan friendly.

Last weekend I stopped by and picked up a simple pie with pesto, olives, green peppers and Daiya cheese which is pictured below.  I would have gotten a better picture had I not eaten half of the pizza in the car before I took it.  Needless to say Purgatory’s pizza is amazing!  And I was excited to see on their menu after I got home that they are now offering a Vegan Pesto Chicken Sandwich with Gardein chicken, pesto, vegenaise, tomato, spinach and basil on a french roll as well as a Vegan Grilled Cheese with Daiya cheddar and tomatoes on sourdough.  I’ll be stopping by some time this week to try them both (stay tuned for pics and reviews).

They have another sandwich listed, the Italian Sausage Sandwich, which is not offered as vegan but I imagine they would be willing to substitute the field roast sausage and daiya cheese.  It also has onions, bell peppers and marinara.

Take a look at their online menu for prices and a full list of toppings.  They deliver with a $10 minimum purchase.  Seating is available to eat inside but there are only a couple tables.  I’ve never been for lunch (only pickup around dinner time) but I imagine if they get busy it would be hard to eat inside.  But this pizza is good enough to eat standing up in a corner if you ask me!


Purgatory Pizza
1326 East 1st Street
Los Angeles 90033
Mon thru Friday 11:30am – 11pm
Sat thru Sun 12pm – 11pm
323 262 5310

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Veggie Grill in El Segundo is offering some new cheesy menu items for a limited time and they look so amazing! I can’t wait to go there this weekend to try them out. Make sure you do too. If they get good feedback, they will keep them around for good. Yea! The menu items being offered are:

  • Cheeseburgers
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Nachos

All of them are made using Daiya vegan cheese and you can read more and see pictures by checking out Careful, the pictures may make you drool.

 These items are only offered at the El Segundo location (for now), so head on over there ASAP, before they are gone.

The Veggie Grill
Plaza El Segundo
720 Allied Way
El Segundo, CA 90245
11am to 10pm

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We just had a birthday celebration at the office and we brought in vegan pizza from Cruzer Pizza.  All I can say is YUM!  We got the BBQ “Chicken” Pizza (BBQ sauce, “chicken”, red onion, cilantro, and Daiya cheese) on thin crust.  Unfortunately, it was gone in about 5 minutes, but it was a fabulous 5 minutes. 


Cruzer Pizza now offers vegan pizza at 2 locations. We got ours from the Glendale location, but they also offer vegan options at the Los Feliz location.  They even have vegan entrees like Eggplant Parmigiana and Vegetable Lasagna, just to name a few.  Can’t wait to try those!

Cruzer Pizza
1200 N Pacific Ave # 105
Glendale, CA 91202-3804
(818) 500-1289
4449 Prospect Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027-5503
(323) 666-0600

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L.A. Vegan Drinks

L.A. Vegan Drinks


June 27, 2009 7:00 PM
Desert Rose Restaurant with Cruzer Pizza
1700 N. Hillhurst Ave
Los Angeles, CA.  90027

This is a great example of how a simple action can take on a life of its own.  As part of Farm Sanctuary’s Veg for Life Campaign, Michelle Sass (California Advocacy Organizer for Farm Sanctuary), has been working with Cruzer Pizza, a local take-out and delivery restaurant which has resulted in a tremendous establishment outreach success story!

What began as a conversation has resulted in this: Cruzer Pizza has removed veal from their restaurant and replaced it with a large menu of compassionate vegan pizzas! And not just your average “run of the mill” vegan pizzas either. What makes them so special is that Cruzer Pizza is the first establishment in the Western U.S. to be serving the revolutionary Daiya vegan “cheese”!

According to Michelle, thanks to your patronage the restaurant has more than doubled their sales and the owners are seriously considering becoming L.A.’s first 100% vegan pizzeria. So please continue to show your support.

Desert Rose Restaurant is on the same property as Cruzer Pizza and they will be serving the Vegan Drinks crowd Cruzer pizzas and drinks. There will be a vegan menu and a beautiful outdoor area with seating and yes, you can mingle from table to table or to the indoor bar.

Please note that Desert Rose is not a veg*n restaurant but they’ve been extremely accommodating and it’s the only place Vegan Drinks can fit their large group AND eat Daiya cheese pizzas.

Desert Rose also has a popular organic vodka and they whip up some refreshing cucumber martinis.

It’s always a great time with the Vegan Drinks crowd, so don’t miss it!

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