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Vegans may have been right all along about avoiding dairy products. Although raw, natural milk has a lot of benefits;, a Harvard pediatrician and specialist David Ludwig maintains that low fat milk and dairy products pose a treat for your wellbeing due to the added sweeteners they contain.

As David Ludwig explained in his research (published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics), there have been numerous research efforts that examine the negative impact of sugar-sweetened beverages. Excessive use of sugar has been related to various health problems such as weight gain, diabetes, and many others. US-researchers-link-low-fat-milk-consumption-with-pre-school-obesity

In fact, due to the negative influence sugar has on our health, the United States Department of Agriculture, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and many other organizations discourage the consumption of sweetened beverages. Instead, they recommend low fat milk, and the association suggests drinking 3 glasses per day.

However, Ludwig actually questions this recommendation, and he says: “This recommendation is perhaps the most prevailing advice given to the American population in the last half a century. As a result, Americans are consuming billions of gallons of milk per year, presumably under the assumption that their bones would crumble without milk.”

The Dangers of Low-Fat Products

If the USDA is in favor of low-fat milk, they are in a way empowering the use of added sugars, which goes against all the research claiming sugar and sugar-sweetened drinks need to be avoided. This is why Ludwig is concerned. Drinking low-fat milk or chocolate milk completely contradicts the advice to avoid sugar since it is sugar that replaces the fats in low-fat products.lowfat

“The worst possible situation is reduced-fat chocolate milk: if the fat is removed-it is less tasty. In order to get your children to drink 3 cups per day, you give them sugar-sweetened beverages,”Ludwig said.

He also added, “We can acquire plenty of calcium from a wide range of foods. Moreover, cooked kale has more calcium than milk. Other sources of calcium are sardines, nuts, beans, green leafy vegetables and many others.”

A Case for Full-Fat Dairy

David Ludwig may be right to stand against the USDA’s proposals, which favor low-fat milk over whole milk. Individuals and businesses alike need to motivate themselves to keep their distance from certain fats such as the trans-fats and refined polyunsaturated fats found in vegetable oils like corn, soy, sunflower oil and canola oil.

However, proof for the safety of using immersed fat in milk, coconut oil, and meat from grass-fed animals is over the top. Immersed fat has been condemned for a long time, but a study from 2010 published in the American Journal of Clinical 13Nutrition stated, “There are no evidences which prove that dietary saturated fat is closely related with increased risk for cardiovascular diseases.”

Furthermore, consuming full-fat dairy products has quite a few benefits. When raw, (natural and originating from grass-fed dairy animals), full-fat dairy has been proved to improve the health of the heart, assist in vitamin intake, lower the risk from diseases, help weight loss efforts, and control diabetes.

Ingesting clean or organic dairy can improve your overall health, whereas processed dairy can have negative effects on your wellbeing. Therefore, always be careful in deciding which dairy products to consume since more than 20 antitoxins, painkillers, and various other dangerous ingredients can be found in milk.



By: Violeta PesicUS-researchers-link-low-fat-milk-consumption-with-pre-school-obesity-300x212

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Vegan Wallet. Brown Billfold Cork Wallet. Super Lightweight. Sustainable Harvested Cork Tree Bark. Made in the U.S.A.


What is cork? Cork is the outer bark of the cork tree, which is harvested by hand without harming or killing the tree, kind of like getting wool from a sheep. Once harvested, the bark regenerates, making it a renewable and sustainable resource.

Better than leather. Cork is environmentally preferable to leather as it comes from a lower carbon impact source (tree bark) and does not use animal products in its manufacture (a vegan product). The environmental concerns associated with leather include the energy and carbon intensity of generating animal products and the chemicals used in the leather tanning process that can be damaging to human health and the environment. Cork is a naturally beautiful and greener alternative to leather.

Supple and Lightweight. To make CLIFF belts, layers of cork are laminated to fabric, creating a durable, lightweight and supple material. Each belt is handmade and individually crafted. How does it wear? Our cork wears beautifully over time, distressing much like leather but without the weight – it can even be machine washed at 30˚C. Due to the unique nature of the material, our belts fit very comfortably and cast a thinner silhouette than most leather belts. Take a look at the belts on this page – they are the first cork belts we made, with 2+ years of tough wear

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Bungalow360 Mini Vegan Cotton Bag NEW Woodpecker Design


Don’t sweat the small stuff, tote it in style with the Bungalow360 mini bag! This super-cute half-bag will quickly become your favorite! Bungalow360 creates eco-friendly accessories for the environmentally responsible fashionista. The bag is made of natural cotton canvas and printed with water-based inks. Features a zipper closure and a small zippered inner pocket with polka dot interior. Vegan friendly!

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This reversible tote fits two styles! One side features Alpacas. Flip it inside out and reveal a second side, made polka dot fabric print. The large kangaroo pocket is accessible from both the inside and outside, allowing easy access to your smaller, more valuable belongings.Alpaca Lover Tote Bag for Everyone to Enjoy!

Alpaca Tote

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Summer Vegan Leather Shoes and Wallets for Men and Women at


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Eco-Friendly Handbags and Wallets!


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